TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™

Learn how NEW TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares from Mary Kay work by using breakthrough technology to deliver pure vitamin C to your skin in a tiny, dissolvable square that’s mixed with your serum for an age-fighting boost. In just two weeks, skin looks more radiant and even-toned, and fine lines and wrinkles look improved. Image shows a light orange background. In the image are two clear bowls of different sizes. In the larger bowl is the TimeWise Tone Correcting Serum with a thin orange peel twirled by it. In the smaller bowl are several squares of the new TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares.

See Real Results! 

Your daily serum already delivers the skin-enhancing benefits you want, but what if you could supercharge it with the boosting power of pure vitamin C? That’s the beauty of TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™. In just two weeks,* the squares were shown to deliver these visible benefits: 
• Skin looks more even-toned.
• Skin looks more radiant.
• Fine lines and wrinkles look improved.

Beauty Industry First! 

Pure vitamin C degrades and loses its power over time when exposed to air, light or water. But now that problem’s solved with a breakthrough in technology that keeps the pure vitamin C stable until you unlock its power with every use. As the square dissolves in the palm of your hand, it’s transformed into a fresh, potent, pure vitamin C elixir that powers up your serum for an age-fighting boost. Fresh the first time. Fresh every time. First and only at Mary Kay.

Turn Your Serum Into a Superpower With Pure Vitamin C!

When you combine NEW TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™ with your favourite Mary Kay® serum, it powers up your serum for an age-fighting boost. Find the age-fighting boosts you’re looking for here: 

The Benefits Get Better Over Time!

The longer you use the activating squares, the better the benefits can get. After four weeks, skin looks brighter overall.  And fine lines and wrinkles in the crow’s-feet area look improved, as shown in the images below.**