Adding serums to your skin care routine is a great way to help your skin experience a high-quality skin care product with additional benefits without changing your daily regimen. Keep reading to discover which serums could help you achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of.


Serums are thinner, lightweight formulas that absorb fast and deliver specific, advanced benefits. People usually use serums to supplement their everyday skin care routine by adding some additional skin benefits. We suggest choosing a serum based on your specific skin care needs. 


Vitamin C is great for skin. So is vitamin E. Put them together, and you’ve created something truly extraordinary. Defend against oxidative stress with the antioxidant megaboost packed into one serum. Unleash your skin’s potential with this multifunctional combination of antioxidants.
  • Vitamin E  — one of the most powerful antioxidants to help fight against external stressors on the skin. 
  • Pure Vitamin C - known for supporting the skins natural repair process and collagen production, with its antioxidant properties promoting overall skin health. Amla fruit extract, a rich source of natural vitamin C and a modified vitamin C derivative are also included to help in the natural collagen** production and ingredient absorption in traditionally hard-to-reach areas.
  • The Vitamin C and Vitamin E are encapsulated together so the pure version of vitamin C experiences a controlled release alongside vitamin E to help facilitate the dynamic cycle of replenishment.

In an independent clinical study, panelists experienced more resilient, radiant skin and achieved greater results over time:
• Overall appearance 92%1
• Visibly firmer skin 89%1
• More radiant skin 87%1
• Reduced fine lines 84%

1Results based on an eight-week independent clinical study in which 39 women used the product morning and evening

**Results based on in vitro testing

TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+E™


Reclaim your triangle of youth! Help your cheeks, jawline and neck appear firmer and more lifted with the Volu-Firm® Complex featuring peptides and plant stem cells, PLUS two new ingredients that support skin’s natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
  • Biomimetic Peptides - supports skin's natural processes* to help reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. Additionally, a skin-volume-supporting peptide helps maintain the natural hyaluronic acid*, which is vital in promoting youthful volume and lift for the skin.
  • Plant stem cells derived from gotu kola help to support the natural framework of the skin.*
  • The innovative use of alpinia galanga leaf extract and schisandra extract support youthful firmness, elasticity and volume, giving this serum a science-backed, age-defying edge.
We clinically tested it from every angle, and the results speak for themselves. These impressive numbers reflect the percentage of panelists who showed improvement:
• Sagging skin along the cheeks and jawline is visibly lifted: 100%
• Skin overall is visibly lifted: 98%
• Skin firmness is improved: 82%
• Deep lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced: 98%
• Skin elasticity is enhanced: 78%
• Skin moisture is immediately increased: 100%††

Based on one 12-week independent clinical study in which 45 women used the serum twice a day. Numbers reflect the percentage of panelists who showed improvement.
††Based on bio-instrument testing. Number reflects percentage of panelists who showed improvement.

*Based on in vitro testing of key ingredients

TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Advanced Lifting Serum


Say goodbye to enlarged pores and hello to a visibly smoother, flawless complexion. This daily defense against enlarged pores is packed with botanical extracts to help target skin elasticity, tightening the look of skin around pores, and delivering powerful benefits for all skin types. Transform your complexion with this fast-absorbing formula that reduces redness, leaving you with a close-up-confident glow.

  • Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract — native to Asia and known as the "sleeping tree" in Japan, supports skin proteins to enhance overall skin tightness, including around the pores.
  • Soy Bean Extract — processed to enhance its compatibility with the skin and deliver the Pore Minimizer's benefits. This extract is known to promote skin matrix proteins, important for skins integrity and tightening the appearance of pores. 

Women who tried Pore Minimizer in an independent consumer study** saw real results:

  • Gives me close-up confident skin: 80% 
  • Tightens the look of pores: 83% 
  • Improves skin’s appearance: 87% 
  • Leaves skin feeling silky: 90%

Based on in-vitro testing of key ingredients
**Results reflect the percentage of women who agreed with the statements during an independent consumer study in which 226 panelists used the product twice a day for 3 weeks.

TimeWise® Pore Minimizer


Follow these tips to make the most of your serum routine!


Mary Kay’s R&D team studies the effects of our serums on skin cells with in vitro testing, performs clinical studies to measure improvements in skin and conducts consumer studies to see if the users observed or perceived the effects we desire.