A close-up shot of a woman with brown eyes wearing mascara.

Say “goodbye” to drugstore mascara and “hello” to beautiful, smudge-proof lashes in ultra-black shades. Here are some tips to achieve a smudge-free, flake-free overall look that'll make you toss the falsie pack you've been holding onto. You'll even find options for days that demand waterproof mascara.
Six Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover bottles are scattered in a diagonal pattern.

Start Fresh & Clean As You Go
Start by using Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover to remove any residue and give yourself a fresh canvas or clean up any mistakes you make as you go. Wearing your favorite waterproof mascara? No fear! Save your eyes from harsh tugging, and let the dual-phase formula of this gentle eye makeup remover do it's job.
The Mary Kay® mascara wardrobe is showcased in a zig-zag pattern.

Different Mood, Different Mary Kay® Mascara
Your mascara should match your energy and the occasion, even if you have sensitive eyes. If you're like most of us, you wish you had a personal makeup artist to give you beauty advice. But luckily for you, your #MKBeautyBFF can be your one-stop shop for a personalized mascara wardrobe!
A close-up shot of a woman with brown eyes wearing mascara.

What kind of lashes do you want?

Be your own makeup artist by choosing the over-the-top, flirty, fierce or just plain fun lashes you want every day. Continue reading below to discover the beauty of having an entire mascara wardrobe at your fingertips.
Close-up of Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ wand without product.

Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara®
Pump up lashes with a smudge-resistant mascara that gives up to five times the volume. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed brush, the tapered ends feature longer bristles in the center to separate lashes while plumping and infusing volume. Plus, Smart Wiper® Brush technology delivers the exact amount of product you need to create the look you want.
Close-up of Lash Love® Mascara wand without product.

Lash Love® Mascara
A lash-amplifying formula that defines and defends with four times the volume. Lash Love's flexible, sculpted brush separates and coats even fine, hard-to-reach lashes, so volume looks instantly magnified – with no clumps in sight.
Close-up of Lash Love® Lengthening Mascara wand without product.

Mary Kay® Lash Love Lengthening Mascara
Long, strong, seriously separated lashes. Mary Kay® Lash Love Lengthening Mascara is formulated with our exclusive Panthenol-Pro® Complex and vitamin E to help strengthen, fortify and condition lashes.
Close-up of Lash Intensity® Mascara wand without product.

Lash Intensity® Mascara
Our most intense lash mascara ever! Get 200% more volume. Plus, get 84% longer-looking lashes.* It’s like adding the thickness of two lashes onto every one and its special Double-Impact® brush is designed to plump while combing through to lengthen the look of lashes.
Close-up of Lash Love® Waterproof Mascara wand without product.

Mary Kay® Lash Love Waterproof Mascara
This waterproof version of Mary Kay® Lash Love Mascara holds up to rain, tears, humidity, sweat, pools and salt water. The water-resistant formula, which contains our exclusive Panthenol-Pro® Complex and vitamin E, help moisturize, strengthen and condition lashes, defending them against breakage and brittleness.
Close-up of Lash Love Fanorama™ Mascara wand without product.

Lash Love Fanorama® Mascara
Fanned-out and stunning, get the curl-holding va-va-voom, even if you’re not a false-lash fan, with a few flicks of the wand. An inner core stabilizes the extra thick silicone bristles to give you full control over your lash look. The brush has an hourglass shape, rows of rounded bristles and a super special fan tip that work together to ensure each and every lash gets the love it deserves.
A woman applies ultimate mascara to her lashes while smiling.

• Place brush as close as possible to the base of the lash lines for complete coverage.
• Gently wiggle brush back and forth while drawing up the lashes to help coat every lash.
• Use the tip of the brush to add a little extra mascara for extra-lavish lashes.