Meet Martica Jenkins and Menina Givens, two sisters bound together by the loving lessons given to them by their entrepreneurial mother. Fortified with her legacy of independence, they both remain devoted to each other, their businesses, and to the sisterhood of women they guide and mentor.

Like most sisters, Martica and Menina have unique personalities and share a competitive spirit. But there is one thing they both agree on: their mother knew best. They followed her footsteps into the beauty business. And they fondly remember the inspiring words they were taught early on that shaped them into the hard-working businesswomen they are today.

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Life Lessons

“Mom was always super positive with us. If we sounded unsure of ourselves, she would remind us, “if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right,” says Menina, who passed down those valuable lessons to her own children.

“Mom showed us how to create a generous environment where women support each other, not compete against each other,” Martica says.
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Sharing the Sisterhood with Others

“So many women don’t know what they’re missing,” says Martica. “They’ve never been in a situation where women really love and support each other.”

Though they live in separate cities, the sisters talk often and swap business ideas all the time. They are committed to expanding their sisterhood to include women who are ready to change their lives for the better. The primary barrier that holds most women back? Fear. “Fear is the number one killer of any woman’s dream,” says Menina. “It holds people back from trying anything new.”
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Product Advice

Trying new products is one of the most fun things about being in the beauty business. Martica recommends TimeWise® Repair Volu-Firm® skin care to reduce the look of deep lines and wrinkles and improve firmness in her skin. Menina loves the benefits of TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Gel Mask which helps her dry skin appear less stressed.