The Story That Started It All

Mary Kay Ash started the first chapter in 1963 that spun millions of stories of success and personal fulfillment for women around the world. In honour of our 60th Anniversary celebration, we're shining the spotlight on her story and the women that have been enriched by the values, vision and excitement she created. Check out the story of our founder, Mary Kay Ash, and get inspired by her vision to empower women everywhere so that they could create the best version of themselves. Find out more about the life of Mary Kay Ash and the impact she's had around the world.
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A World of Story Sharing

Discover an inspiring collection of stories that we’ve gathered from women all around the world.

Photograph of Melody Viste, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant from Philippines
Melody Viste, Philippines, stepped out of her comfort zone to improve her appearance and created a beautiful life. 
See How Her Transformation Inspires Others

Photograph of Martica Jenkins and Menina Givens, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants from the USA
When it comes to women in leadership, it’s a family affair for sisters Martica Jenkins and Menina Givens, USA.  
Read How They Inspired Others to Join the Sisterhood of Success

Photograph of Andrea Perez, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant from Peru
Andrea Pérez, Peru, is a modern entrepreneur who blends her technology skills with a human approach to business. 

See How She Used Tech to Touch Hearts

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To thank you for your support over the last 60 years, we want to share your story! How has Mary Kay empowered you? Given you confidence? Helped you reveal the best version of you? Tell your story!

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Jill Cummings, Canada
“Your makeup game can’t be a 10 if your skin care game is a two. Be a 10!!”

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Chelsea Adkins, USA
“In one of the most exciting yet stressful months of my life, I am constantly reminding myself to stop and ENJOY this. Pausing for moments of self-care and pampering are keeping me sane!”

Image of April smiling and wearing sunglasses
April Love Rivera, Philippines
“Sunscreen is everything. Wear it daily!”