Once Melody Viste tried a new skin care system, the products opened the door for conversations with people who noticed her glowing skin. But the business opportunity helped Melody learn to speak for herself and lead others with confidence. 

“Starting a beauty business is not just about the visible transformation you’ll see in your skin. It’s about transforming yourself from within with confidence and higher self-esteem,” says Melody. Her business also helped her find a more flexible solution to earning additional income. 

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Priceless Flexibility 

The flexibility the business affords her today is priceless. Melody controls her own schedule allowing her to attend her children’s school and social activities. “I have the flexibility that I always wanted. I can work my business from home, and I can be with my family,” she says. 
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Beauty Besties 

Before the pandemic, Melody felt limited by meeting with one small group of customers at a time. Once she began conducting her beauty events online, her guest list of “beauty besties” expanded to include women from all over the country. 

Her best-selling products are the ones that initially transformed her own skin. She recommends TimeWise 3D™ Foundation as her go-to. 
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Relationships are Key 

Melody runs her business with the belief that the more you give, the more joy you receive.

In eight years, she has created a supportive network of women entrepreneurs that she considers her second family. Mentorship has played a huge part in her growth as a business woman, and she is determined to keep paying it forward one woman at a time.

“We believe that as long as we work together, each one of us accomplishes more. It all boils down to an amazing sisterhood. The relationships can mean so much.”