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By phone/text/email and in person. I return all messages within 24 hours. Schedule your appointments with me, book your parties, ask me for advice, and share your beauty tips! Want great skin? Let me help you! I'm fun, I swear.

Je parle les langues suivantes

Anglais, Polonais


Comment puis-je embellir votre vie?

Mary Kay has been part of my life for over 15 years. Even before becoming a Mary Kay consultant, I fell in love with the product and today, because of such amazing products, I have made many loyal customers who have also become good friends. It continues to be my privilege to represent Mary Kay and share this exciting opportunity with you, too. I take my business very seriously, I love what I do and I can help you find your perfect skincare or beauty match. Together we can make a difference!

Mon produit préféré

Crème CC correctrice de teint Écran solaire FPS 15 Mary KayMD

Je suis convaincue que notre service à la clientèle est l'un des facteurs qui nous distingue le plus de la concurrence. Mary Kay Ash
Ensemble voyage Miracle 3D TimeWise

Mes spécialités

  • Soins de la peau anti-âge
  • Application de maquillage et métamorphoses
  • Fragrances & Soins du corps
  • Organiser une réception fabuleuse
  • L'opportunité de carrière Mary Kay
  • La Fondation caritative Mary Kay Ash

Modes de livraison

  • Livraison à votre domicile
  • Expédié
  • Collecte
  • Livraison sur votre lieu de travail