We're continuing our support of children and women impacted by domestic violence and the Shelter Grant Program is a step in the right direction.

These grants will ensure that certified shelters and outreach programs have ample resources, and are equipped with the proper aid, to provide a safe space to those who need it most. We want to ensure that we're part of initiatives that give vulnerable women and children a secure and safe roof over their heads. 

The Shelter Grant Program applications will be accepted from August 16 to October 31, 2021, and shelters and outreach programs across Canada can apply for a grant. The Foundation will select 16 recipients, and each will then receive a $9,000 grant to put towards their goodwill programs. 

This year, we’re working extra hard to ensure everyone’s safety – the women and children that we support through our Shelter Grant Program as well as the applicants that apply. Moving forward, we will only be accepting applications submitted through our online application process. If you know of any shelter or program that you think is eligible to apply, ask them to fill out the application below. 


We look forward to supporting our communities through the efforts of the shelters and outreach programs that we will work with this year. 

And as for the women and children we continue to support, let’s work together to keep them safe. It’s our time to H.E.L.P. them – house, empower, love, and protect.