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We know that times are tough right now – but the future is bright – and we want to help you get ready for new beginnings. Now is the right time to start your very own Mary Kay business and earn an extra income. All you need to get started is your Mary Kay® Starter Kit; it’s equipped with: 

  • Tools to help you with your sales; 
  • 1-year subscription to your very own website ($30 value); 
  • Skin care samples to share with your clients! 
Plus, you can feel confident in the Company’s 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Product Repurchase Policy

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Starter Kit


  • You’ve got dreams. Whether it’s earning a little extra cash or making a full-time commitment, the Mary Kay opportunity offers the freedom, flexibility and, of course, the fun that you’ve been looking for. 
  • The prizes and perks are fabulous, and nothing beats the encouragement and empowerment you receive from others just like you!
  • We know it takes time and energy to start your Mary Kay journey, and that’s why we want to help set you up for success with a great start. Your Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you going, including access to valuable resources like apps and other digital and selling tools, education and more!
Three consultants.

  • You can earn up to 50%* on everything you sell at retail. 
  • If you build a team, you can earn product rewards and monetary bonuses, plus a commission based on your team members’ product sales. 
  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat with an opportunity to earn the use of a Mary Kay Career Car, one of the best-in-class car incentive programs in the world.

    *The gross profit calculation is based on suggested retail prices.
Court Bracelet

  • Fall for more than 300 beauty products, like innovative skin care, on-trend colour cosmetics, body care and fragrances. 
  • Feel confident that Mary Kay conducts hundreds of thousands of product tests each year for quality, safety and performance.
TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™

  • Mary Kay celebrates more than 55 years of Enriching Women’s Lives® and is sold in nearly 40 countries. 
  • Our values-based Company has purpose and staying power. 
  • Rely on a proven business model that helps you discover extra income, empowered choices and true beauty from the inside out.
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Independent Sales Director Tracey Walls