Living the Dream: Keeping a positive outlook has Independent Beauty Consultant Nancy Rempel aiming high with Mary Kay

“I have had a lot of nay-sayers in my life. Instead of letting them be stumbling blocks to knock me down, I'm using them as stepping stones to get ahead in life.”

Considering the hardships that Independent Beauty Consultant Nancy Rempel has experienced in her life, the fact that she not only speaks these words but also lives by them is astounding. Nancy, who calls Manitoba home, suffered every kind of abuse imaginable – physical, mental, sexual, verbal, emotional and financial – at the hands of her husband for 14 and half years. He even physically and mentally abused their five children. 

Although Nancy sought assistance at shelters on and off throughout her ordeal, it was difficult to leave her husband. She lives in a fiercely religious community where the line of thinking is that you marry for life – no matter what. Two years before she left her husband, Nancy attended a beauty breakfast hosted by a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, and it proved to be the catalyst for her to make changes to her life – although she almost didn’t even attend the event.

“I was hesitant to reply. I couldn’t believe that someone would want to pamper and spoil me like that for a whole morning,” she says. “I had to think about it for a long time. I went back and forth in my mind a lot. I couldn’t believe it was real. I finally decided to go, and I arrived an hour early and sat in the car for a long time. I still couldn’t make up my mind. I wasn’t used to anything like that. I finally went in and had a great time. I met wonderful women, had a facial and signed up on the spot!”

Once Nancy joined Mary Kay, it was the friendships with her devoted Independent Senior Sales Director Chrissy Novak and Independent Executive National Sales Director Angie Stoker that gave her the strength to start a new life for her and her family. “I have the best team,” she says. “I think I have the best Director and National. Their positivity is great. Chrissy was awesome. I called her whenever I wanted to. She was my biggest supporter. She understood me and was there for me.” 

From her introduction to Mary Kay, Nancy has felt at home with the Company and a kinship with the women she has met. “Mary Kay helped me in so many ways. I heard a lot of other stories like mine. Even Mary Kay Ash was a single parent and didn’t let anything stop her. And knowing what other Mary Kay women have gone through and how far they’ve come – and how we’re unstoppable – has helped me. It’s all about having a great support system and having people who are like-minded. I’ve become more confident and sure of my future and what I want goal-wise.”

Sticking to the goals she sets is getting easier thanks to her team of pint-sized helpers. “My kids are my biggest supporters,” says Nancy. “When Chrissy sets up challenges, if I dare to tell my kids about them, they make sure I meet them! What pushes me to meet the challenges is my love for my children and Chrissy. They also help me pack my orders, and when I do facials and other treatments at home, they know which products go where and when to use them. My kids are proud of me and I want them to have that pride for me. I am honoured to have such wonderful kids. They are my life, my drive.”
A few years ago, Nancy’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and was not expected to live long. Luckily, Nancy’s oldest son (who was eight at the time), was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant. The procedure was a success and Nancy’s daughter is healthy, happy and keeping up with the other students in her grade one class. 

Nancy’s close ally, Independent Senior Sales Director Chrissy Novak, is overjoyed at the positive turn Nancy’s life has taken. “Nancy has had some setbacks with her life and business but is always speaking of what is to come, never what she lacks or is unhappy with. She is an inspiration to me and so many in our unit. I love her with all my heart and to see what Mary Kay has given her and her children makes my heart sing with joy that this opportunity is here for all women from all walks of life. Nancy cries happy tears when she talks of how grateful she is for Mary Kay and how much she wants to do Mary Kay Ash proud.” 

And Nancy is set to make Mary Kay proud, indeed: she has marked June 15 as her deadline to become a Sales Director. She chose this date to honour her father, whose birthday falls on that day. Her dad, who passed away this past February, was one of the few people in her family and community who supported her decisions about her marriage and Mary Kay business. 

With her children and incredibly supportive Mary Kay team behind her every step of the way, Nancy is sure to meet her goal.

“I say, ‘Don’t be afraid to aim. Dream big and aim high. And do what it takes to achieve that. No matter what, just follow your heart and dreams.’”