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WHY 13?

Although many cultures view the number 13 as unlucky, Mary Kay Ash never bought into the superstitions. For Mary Kay, 13 has always been our Company’s lucky number. In fact, Mary Kay Ash invested her life savings to start her Mary Kay business on Friday, Sept. 13, 1963. 

She later went on to be the 13th inductee into the Direct Selling Association’s Hall of Fame, and she also received the 13th Entrepreneur of the Year Award from SMU School of Business. Even the Mary Kay Building in Dallas touts her favourite lucky number. When Mary Kay bought the building, the number 13 didn’t show up on elevators. Instead, it showed “penthouse.” Of course, Mary Kay Ash changed that. Her office was always on the 13th floor, where you can still see it today.

Mary Kay Ash had a way of seeing the good instead of the bad. When others saw opposition, she saw opportunities. When others felt discouraged, she found determination. When others made excuses, she excelled. 

Turns out, the number 13 is all a matter of perspective, right?