The Basic Lip Look

This easy lip look is perfect for any occasion.

1. After prepping lips, allow a few minutes before applying lip colour.

2. Many people have uneven skin tone on their lips. Apply a tiny amount of concealer to cover imperfections and give you a true colour payoff.

3. Apply lip liner.

4. Apply lipstick in a shade close to your natural lip tone or one or two shades darker. Start in the middle of the upper lip sweeping to the corners. Then repeat application to the bottom lip.

5. For a bit of shine or to create colour combinations, apply lip gloss, using the same lipstick application.

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Mary Kay Global Beauty Ambassador Luis Casco

Luis Casco

“Colour combinations are endless, but every woman should have a lipstick that looks natural and that doesn’t detract from other features. Usually a pinkish-brown tone works great.” - Luis Casco, Mary Kay Global Beauty Ambassador