Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5 Set

Retinol 0.5: 30 g
Facial Milk: 74 g


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Amplify your age-fighting power to new levels. Maximize results with pure retinol while minimizing discomfort with an expertly formulated facial milk. Elevate your regimen with the scientifically proven impact of this two-step set.

  • Dermatology-inspired solutions
  • Meticulously tested ingredients
  • Clinical-strength results

Do not use Mary Kay Clinicals Solutions® Retinol 0.5 if you are pregnant, lactating or planning to become pregnant.

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The next-level dermocosmetic solutions in this set combined with Mary Kay’s unique retinization process deliver age-defying results. Add this power pair developed by Mary Kay’s Research & Innovation Team to your current skin care regimen to experience a superstar ingredient with a soothing counterpart. 

“Retinol is considered the foundation of youthful skin. Three decades of clinical research demonstrate its efficacy. We all want skin that looks good. More importantly, we all need healthy, resilient skin that can protect us beautifully throughout our lifetime.”

--Mary Kay Chief Scientific Officer Lucy Gildea, Ph.D.

When using a high-concentration retinol product, it is important to gradually establish skin tolerance, also referred to as "retinization," before advancing to more frequent usage. If you are a first-time user of pure retinol,* Mary Kay’s gentle retinization process (below) is recommended for you.

During the retinization process, Mary Kay recommends avoiding physical and chemical exfoliation products, acne products, and products with high concentrations of vitamin C, since they may contribute to temporary dryness or irritation.

WEEKS 1 - 2
Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5 1x per week, diluted with Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Calm Restore Facial Milk

Directions: In the evening, cleanse skin and wait approximately 5-10 minutes. Mix a pea-sized amount (one pump) of Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5 with one pump of Mary Kay Clinical Solutions™ Calm Restore Facial Milk. Apply mixture to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin in an upward, outward motion, avoiding the eye area. Allow for full absorption before applying other skin care products. Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Calm Restore Facial Milk can also be used throughout the day and week as needed to relieve skin. Use sunscreen during the day.

WEEKS 3 - 4
Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5 1x per week, followed by Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Calm Restore Facial Milk

WEEKS 5 - 6
Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5 2x per week, followed by Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Calm Restore Facial Milk

WEEKS 7 - 8
Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5 3x - 5x per week, followed by Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Calm Restore Facial Milk

Continued benefits come with continued usage. Usage frequency of Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5 is based on skin tolerance. Once skin is retinized, product may be used as often as every evening, if desired.

*TimeWise Repair® products do not contain pure retinol. TimeWise Repair® products contain an encapsulated, controlled-release retinol that’s not designed to retinize your skin. If TimeWise Repair® products are your only source for retinol, Mary Kay recommends following the retinization process to help skin adjust to the potency of the high concentration retinol found in Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5.


Retinol (Vitamin A)

Stimulates surface skin cell renewal, so skin appears as it did when you were younger.

Supports natural collagen and elastin, improving the appearance of collagen-depleted skin.



A well-known humectant that attracts and retains water to help boost moisture levels. It is naturally occurring in skin. It not only helps condition skin but also helps give skin a soft, smooth feel.

Plant Oils

Coconut, jojoba seed, safflower and olive oils deliver a power-shot of rich, fatty acids to nourish and soothe skin.


Squalane (-lane) is a hydrogenated form of squalene (-lene), which makes it stable in formula. Squalene and squalane are natural emollients derived from plants, and our products contain squalane. It is an excellent moisturizer to help support the skin barrier and reduce dryness. Renowned for its lightweight, silky texture, it’s absorbed easily by skin. In fact, skin’s own natural oil is partially comprised of squalane, making it a perfect complement for your skin to embrace the benefits. It helps minimize moisture loss and gives a soft, supple feel to skin.

In an eight-week independent clinical study of Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Retinol 0.5,

  • 100 percent of women experienced improvement in skin smoothness.1
  • 100 percent of women experienced improvement in skin radiance. 1


In addition, panelists experience visible improvement in:

  • Wrinkles
  • Firmness
  • Skin tone evenness


In clinical testing of Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® Calm Restore Facial Milk, this fluid formula was shown to:

  • Calm irritated skin.2
  • Deliver instant hydration.2

Dermatologists’ Council Seal

In developing the Mary Kay Clinical Solutions® line of products, Mary Kay went above and beyond the normal process of safety and claims review, providing behind-the-scenes access to an external advisory panel of U.S. board-certified dermatologists to help validate the formula and ingredients. The panel includes dermatologists selected for their extensive skin care expertise, scholarship and professional practice, and conducts a thorough review and evaluation of clinical tests, data, and scientific support for the formula and ingredients.