Into the Garden™ Nail Appliqués

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Turn your fingers into a work of fun, flirty, feminine art! These intricate floral and lace designs capture the ladylike, garden-inspired feel of the season.

†Available while supplies last
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†Available while supplies last

All prices are suggested retail

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Limited-Edition† Into the Garden™ Nail Appliqués

NEW limited-edition† Into the Garden™ Nail Appliqués embrace the season’s floral sensation. The pretty floral and lace designs take their cues from spring blooms and ladylike detailing. Nail appliqués are part of the NEW limited-edition† Into the Garden™ Collection – designed from the exclusive collaboration between Mary Kay, Brazilian fashion designer Patricia Bonaldi and Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Sebastian Correa.

Application Tips

To apply:
  • Peel off an appliqué that matches the width of your nail, and smooth across nail surface.
  • Using a nail file or emery board, file the appliqué downward along your nail tip to remove excess appliqué length.
  • Can be worn with or without a base coat.

To remove:
  • Gently peel appliqué from nail starting from the side corner of the cuticle area.
  • Remove any residue with non-acetone nail polish remover.