Beauty Moments: Lovely Lashes & Wow Brows


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Looking for brows-that-wow and full, volumized lashes? We’ve got you covered with NEW Mary Kay® Beauty Moments. In just 30 minutes, you’ll get a step by step guide of how to achieve the brows and lashes of your dreams, along with the products you’ll need to get you there!

Your Beauty Moments box* Includes…

  • 1x Mary Kay® Volumizing Brow Tint
  • 1x Precision Brow Liner
  • 1x Eyebrow/ Eyeliner Brush
  • 1x Ultimate Mascara™ in Black
  • 1x Lash & Brow Building Serum

*Available in 3 complimenting shades.

  • Light: Precision Brow Liner - Dark Blonde; Volumizing Brow Tint - Blonde
  • Medium: Precision Brow Liner - Brunette; Volumizing Brow Tint - Dark Blonde
  • Dark: Precision Brow Liner - Dark Brunette; Volumizing Brow Tint - Dark Brunette

Take the guess work out of your beauty routine! Refer to the Beauty Moments instructions to achieve the brows and lashes you crave. Plus, with your Mary Kay Beauty BFF, you have a beauty advisor at your fingertips!

†Available while supplies last

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