Knowing our actions today will affect the quality of life for future generations, Mary Kay Inc. and Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. continuously seek opportunities to reduce our environmental impact. While we always “think pink”, we’re also thinking “green” as we strive to establish sustainable initiatives that support our independent sales force, consumers and community.

Mary Kay Inc. Initiatives

  • In a unique partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. independent sales force, Mary Kay Inc. has pledged to plant 100,000 trees in the continental United States in 2008.

  • Mary Kay distribution centers in the U.S. do not use styrofoam packaging material when shipping orders. All Mary Kay orders are shipped using packing materials made from corn and potato starch, two environmentally friendly, renewable resources. In Canada, Mary Kay uses recycled paper to pack orders shipped to the independent sales force.

  • Mary Kay’s U.S. manufacturing facility sends all returned products containing alcohol and any alcohol waste products to a resource recovery facility which reclaims and distills the alcohol into fuel-grade ethanol, which is then used as an oxygenate for cleaner-burning gasoline. Since the program began in 2004, Mary Kay Inc. has recycled between 30 and 50 tons of alcohol each year, reducing our hazardous waste disposal by at least 25 percent.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. Canadian Initiatives

  • The Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. distribution centre in Mississauga, ON, recycles all corrugated fiberboard shipping materials. Additionally, Mary Kay employees use a recycling program for cans, bottles and paper.

  • Most pallets used by Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. during the shipping and distribution cycle are made of durable plastic and are reused in future shipments. Wooden pallets that are shipped to Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. are continuously circulated between Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd., manufacturing vendors and Mary Kay Inc. until they are no longer usable.

  • To reduce waste, the majority of Mary Kay product packaging complies with municipal recycling programs, including our plastic bottles, containers and aerosol cans. In recent years, Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. has tried to eliminate excess packaging whenever possible. For example, the practice of hot stamping metal foils onto outer cartons has also been reduced to enable recycling of a greater number of these paperboard cartons.

  • In an effort to reduce paper and energy consumption during the printing process, Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. has transitioned to e-communications for the majority of information sent to the independent sales force.

  • In 2008, Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd. will purchase more than 20 Dell OptiPlex 755 computer systems for use by employees. These innovative systems will help reduce carbon emissions through energy-efficient power settings.

  • To help us continue to “think green”, we’ve formed a corporate environmental committee dedicated to exploring alternative green ideas in our daily business routine.

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Mary Kay Inc. has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Keep America Beautiful.
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