What is the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation (MKACF)?
The MKACF is a non-profit foundation that receives donations from members of the general public, the Mary Kay independent sales force and employees. 
The MKACF funds programs such as the Look Good Feel Better® program to support women living with cancer. 
It also funds women's shelters and offers financial support to organizations that raise awareness and address the problem of violence against women. 
When was the MKACF created?
The MKACF was established in 2001 in Canada and in the United States in 1996.
What is the focus of the MKACF?
The focus of the MKACF is to support the issues that were closest to Mary Kay Ash's heart, namely:

To support women living with cancer by contributing to programs such as the Look Good Feel Better program.

To stop the incidence of violence against women by offering financial support to women's shelters and other projects and grass roots organizations that are committed to this issue.
Why is fighting violence against women important to the MKACF?
One in five women in Canada will be affected by violence. While the women affected by violence are diverse, one common element unites them: only when the silence is broken can help be found and lives changed. 
What type of grants are available from the MKACF to help fight violence against women?
Awareness and education are key to reducing violence against women. 

In 2004, the annual Shelter Grant Program was created as a project of the MKACF in an effort to help support communities where there are limited fundraising resources. Click here to learn more. 
Will we be informed of the MKACF Shelter Grant recipients?
A listing of grant recipients will be available on this site in January or February of the following year. We want people to know how their generous donations are being put to work. 
If I have a question about the MKACF, how can I reach out?
You may call the MKACF at 905-858-0020 or 866-455-5454, or email MaryKaycares_canada@mkcorp.com
How can I donate to the MKACF?
To donate online, click here.

You can now donate via e-transfer. Click here to learn how!

Cheques and money orders should be made out to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation.

Donations may be sent to: 
Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation
2020 Meadowvale Blvd.
Mississauga, ON L5N 6Y2

Charitable Registration Number: 863841995 RR0001 
Will funds donated for each mission be used solely for that issue?
An individual or organization donating funds may designate the specific mission - supporting women living with cancer or ending violence against women – that you wish to support. The MKACF is required to honour the wishes of the donor. At the direction of the board, undesignated funds are used for both stated causes. 
Is there a minimum or maximum amount required for donations to the MKACF?
No, we will gladly accept a donation in any amount, however only donations that exceed $10 will receive a tax receipt. 
Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
You will receive a receipt for donations to the MKACF which are in excess of $10. 
Can I hold my own fundraiser to help raise money for the MKACF?
Yes, you may hold a third-party fundraiser to support the MKACF. Click here to download the Fundraiser Form.
If I participate in a fundraising event, how can I ensure that I receive a tax receipt?
For security reasons and easier handling, cash at most fundraisers is consolidated into one cheque or money order to be sent to the MKACF. Should you desire a tax receipt, we suggest you write a personal cheque made out to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, as this ensures the MKACF is aware of individual contributors. Only cheques made directly to the MKACF – and not the event - are tax deductible. You may not qualify for a donation receipt at a fundraising event if you receive benefit for your donation. Benefits may include, but are not limited to, product purchases or raffle tickets. Donations in excess of $10 will be issued a tax receipt. Also, please be sure to include your personal information with your cheque. 

Free Brochures, Flyers and Foundation Materials

We’re proud to offer these downloadable resources for your use. We encourage you to read and print a copy of the brochures below to share with a friend, customer or family member as appropriate. To guard the safety of others, please do not mail or email information to anyone who may be dealing with domestic violence. Please use the following information as a resource. You can click on the item and print it from your home printer. It’s convenient, more economical and delivers the best print quality.

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