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Skin Care Routines 101

Get the answers to common questions about the importance of having a skin care routine no matter what your lifestyle is from Dr. Cristi Gomez, Director of Product Safety & Environmental Toxicology, and David Gan, Senior Principal Scientist, Skin Research & Technology.

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Safe Skin Care Facts

What makes Mary Kay® products safe for you and easy on the environment? Get expert insights about Mary Kay’s safety standards and the healthy habits you can cultivate to care for your skin from Dr. Cristi Gomez, Director of Product Safety & Environmental Toxicology.

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Hydration How-To

Healthy, hydrated skin can be yours with the right tips and products. Discover the importance of hydration (also known as moisturization), key ingredients that help quench your skin’s thirst and debunked hydration myths.

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Skin Care Ingredient Glossary

Ever wonder what’s powering your Mary Kay® skin care products? Peruse our selection of top tier ingredients — from enriching vitamins to potent antioxidants and every extract in between — to discover what’s inside the innovative formulas you love. Learn more about how these effective ingredients deliver proven results.